Solana Pay

Solana Pay

Yesterday solana presented Solana Pay, the new payment protocol they are going to develop, being decentralised, secure and open source, they claim.
Their idea is to make it easier for the whole world to make payments using USDC and SPL tokens.
The launch will involve associations such as Solana Labs,, Circle and Citcon, and of course phantom and ftx wallets.
They claim that we will be able to make payments with virtually zero fees. Many say that solana could be the VISA of the web 3.
Taking into account that there are more than 4 billion dollars in circulation in solana and more than 280k (according to its official website) daily active accounts, and increasing more and more every month, we can expect a great future in our beloved blockchain that does not stop innovating and bringing incredible news.


I am fortunate to have access to a large group of DAO projects within solana, so I think I can bring a lot of quality information to this blog to help you when entering or exiting any project.
I am not going to give you any financial advice, I am not recommending to buy or sell anything at any time, I just want to present objectively the environment of various projects and serve you as useful for your own benefit.

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